Our Vision, Mission & Values

CFK is an Indonesian non-profit/non government community development organization.

Our mission statement is:

“Working together with the community to transform lives through holistic community development”

We envision;

A world in which there is justice for all and poverty is alleviated.

A world where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their God given potential.

A world that values peace u0026amp; harmony where each person encourages their neighbors by showing mutual love and respect.

A world in which there is reconciliation between mankind and our natural environment where all of creation has been restored in line with God’s original intent.


As diverse as CFK’s activities are, they are propelled by common values which are based on the desire to transform and improve people’s lives, CFK is committed to the following fundamental values:

  • We value all of Gods creation including all of nature and all people, who being made in the image of God, are of equal value and worth. Therefore, we are committed to working with people and communities to fulfill their God-given potential. Partnering with them to create opportunities to improve their lives and conserve the natural environment in which they live.
  • We value the whole person including their physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well being in the context of the culture, community and environment in which they live. Therefore we are committed to working together with the whole community including individuals, families, social groups, associations, government u0026amp; non-government organizations as well as local businesses.
  • We value peace, justice and equality for all regardless of age, gender, abilities, ethnicity, religion, social or educational standing. Therefore we are committed to speak and act on behalf of the poor, the disadvantaged and marginalized to overcome injustice. We are also committed to open and honest communication when working through differences, promoting respect towards each other’s view while affording all people the opportunity to work towards reconciliation and forgiveness.
  • We value participation and collaboration therefore, we are committed to working towards an environment that promotes the active participation of all, where each
    person’s contribution, initiative and worth are encouraged and acknowledged. We are also committed to good relationships with other organizations, our partners,
    supporters, volunteers, and staff members encouraging their collaboration, advice and critique in all aspects of our work.
  • We value learning as a life long process therefore, we are committed to focusing on the learning that is gained in the process of achieving something, not just the end results and to persevere in spite of failures incurred along the way. We are also committed to learning from each other recognizing that each
    person possesses an abundance of local knowledge and, given the opportunity, the potential to continue to grow and learn.
  • We value servant leadership, believing that leaders who care about their community and live a lifestyle of humility, honesty and integrity can have a positive influence in the lives of those around them. As such we are committed to investing in the development of healthy leaders, who in turn value the sacrifices of investing their lives to bring out ‘the best’ in others and the community in which they live.
  • We value accountability and transparency, ensuring the organization remains true to its mission and objectives, we are committed to investing our strengths, time and resources towards these priorities. We are accountable to our partners, supporters, members, staff as well as the communities in which we serve, as such we are committed to strategic planning with honest, transparent reporting and evaluations whereby results can be monitored and measured.
  • We value dependency upon God as our source and provider and as such we need to be sincere in prayer and recognizing that we are ultimately accountable to him. We are committed to live simply and justly, according to Godly principles. We acknowledge this has radical implications for the way we function as an organization and implement our programs.

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