Community Transformation Programs

Leadership u0026amp; Local Government Capacity Building

A major part of CFK’s Local Government Capacity Building Program is aimed at promoting poverty reduction through improved democracy and participation of the whole community in the village governance at the grass roots level. To achieve this CFK have developed a training curriculum to enable local village administrators to meet and fulfill their rolls and responsibilities. This training curriculum is in line with the Indonesian legal legislation on Village Administration, Governance, Planning and Budgeting… Read More

Children’s Education u0026amp; Development

CFK’s Early Childhood Education program program does not just focus on increasing the number of schools or children being educated but it is also concerned with creating an environment that develops the child holistically; physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, spiritually and morally. A ‘child rights based’ approach integrates the right of development with those of survival, protection and participation. CFK partners with parents, teachers, the education departments and the children themselves to develop child-centered teaching techniques that encourage students to participate and express their creativity… Read More

Community Health

CFK works to strengthen and improve available primary health care services to people living in remote village locations especially focusing on maternal care for women and safe birthing methods to improve baby survival rates by… Read More

Economic Development

CFK work with the poor teaching them to establish household F.A.I.T.H (Food Always In The House) organic vegetable gardens. In the aftermath of the 2010 Mentawai Island tsunami, CFK encouraged the tsunami survivors to grow their own vegetables to improve family nutrition and food security… Read More

Disaster Response Programs

Disaster Risk Reduction u0026amp; Emergency Response

CFK are often amongst the first local responders to reach out and assist disaster survivors in Sumatra. We are able to react quickly because we are prepared. CFK have formed strategic partnerships with other local, national and international responders. After an initial Rapid Assessment, if needed, CFK then establish a Local Coordination Post for the distribution of food and non-food essential items such as Emergency Shelter Kit’s and Family Hygiene Kit’s. Depending on the needs, our ongoing initiatives often include Mobile Medical Clinic’s, WASH (Water, Sanitation u0026amp; Hygiene) Promotion as well as Children’s Psychosocial Activities… Read More

Training u0026amp; Consultancy

CFK can offer courses or more intensive short workshops and training programs to fit the needs of your organization or community groups on a range of topics including: Community Development, Disaster Response, Facilitator’s Skills u0026amp; Introduction to Project Cycle Management… Read More

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