Working together with the community to transform lives
through holistic community development.

Who We are

CFK (Cipta Fondasi Komunitas) is a local Indonesian disaster relief & community development organization which was established in 2006 & officially registered as an Indonesian NGO in 2008.

CFK seeks to transform the lives of people and their communities by tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice. We are motivated by our belief that all of Gods creation including all of nature and all people, including the poor, the marginalized and those suffering from the effects of disaster are of eternal value and worth. Therefore, we are committed to working with people and communities to enable them to fulfill their God-given potential by partnering with them to create opportunities to improve the quality of their lives and conserve the natural environment in which they live…

What We Do

CFK works to empower communities to achieve holistic integrated sustainable transformation in all areas of their lives including their income generation opportunities, improving their health & education conditions, providing leadership capacity building as well as addressing issues related to their psycho-social well-being.
CFK Indonesia

Go to the people;
Live with them;
Learn from them;
Love them…
Start with what they know;
Build with what they have…
But of the best leaders;
When the job is done;
The task accomplished;
The People will all say,
“We have done this ourselves”

– LAO TSE – 700 BC

Our Projects

Please feel free to visit our Gallery Page to see current and previous projects done by CFK Indonesia team.