Community Transformation

Community Transformation Programs

Leadership u0026amp; Local Government Capacity Building

Village Planning – Leadership Development – Community Based Participation – Transformed Lives – Democratic u0026amp; Transparent Governance

CFK come alongside local communities to capacity build village leaders enabling them to hold their own planning workshops and monitoring meeting’s which encouraged the participation of the whole village and promotes honest, just and transparent communications between the village leaders and their constituents.

Community Transformation
Community Transformation

A major part of CFK’s Local Government Capacity Building Program is aimed at promoting poverty reduction through improved democracy and participation of the whole community in the village governance at the grass roots level. To achieve this CFK have developed a training curriculum to enable local village administrators to meet and fulfill their rolls and responsibilities. This training curriculum is in line with the Indonesian legal legislation on Village Administration, Governance, Planning and Budgeting.

This approach also creates opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged village members to participate, and engage with local village leaders, when the whole village is represented in their planning and decision making process, community members are empowered in their efforts to secure their basic rights, address local issues related to poverty u0026amp; injustices as well as to build peace and harmony within their community.

CFK do not intend to create a situation that leaves communities dependent upon outsiders. It is however, our desire to come alongside and strengthen the local communities to better understand, develop and manage their own resources. This approach to sustainable development is more complex – transformation is a process, it takes time – however it leads the people towards self-sustainability and offers them the opportunity to transform their lives in full accordance with their God-given potential.

CFK embraces the philosophy of developing healthy, honest and efficient leaders so that they can raise up, mentor and release the next generation of healthy, honest and efficient ‘public servant’ leaders into the community.

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