Training & Consultancy

Training u0026amp; Consultancy

Community Development Programs

CFK can offer courses or more intensive short workshops and training programs to fit the needs of your organization or community groups on a range of topics including:

Training u0026amp; Consultancy
Training u0026amp; Consultancy

Community Development:

  • Root Causes of Poverty
  • Holistic, Integrated, Sustainable, Transformation
  • Child Rights u0026amp; Developing Child Protection Policies
  • Introduction to UN Millennium Development Goals
  • Community Based Implementation:
    • Good Governance u0026amp; Participatory Planning
    • Community Health Development
    • Early Childhood u0026amp; Education Development
    • Saving’s u0026amp; Loan’s Share Group / Livelihood Development

Disaster Response:

  • Introduction to National/International Standards u0026amp; Terminology
  • Preparation u0026amp; Risk Reduction
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Community Based Child Protection u0026amp; Child Friendly Spaces in Disaster

Facilitator’s Skills:

  • Vision Casting
  • Leadership, Team Building u0026amp; Conflict Management
  • Community Mobilizing u0026amp; PRA Tools u0026amp; Techniques
  • Training of Trainers Tools u0026amp; Techniques

Introduction to Project Cycle Management

  • Survey u0026amp; Assessment
  • Logical Framework
  • Monitoring u0026amp; Evaluation

Each year CFK provides Internship Scholarship placement opportunities for National Indonesian Workers, to study the theory and practical implementation of Holistic, Integrated, Sustainable Transformation methods of Community Development and Disaster Response.

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